Saving ship Floculat II


Executive Summary

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Here is the story of a boat to be restored.


A nice boat. A Morgan Giles Monaco 38 from 1963 (technical specification of the one on top).


Let me tell you that story.




Situation the day of the purchase



Saving ship Floculat II

chapter 1 - The boat



In 1963, my grand-father purchased a few square meters close to Porto-Vecchio in south-east Corsica.

Imagine the location and site.


There was just a boat missing.


main gate to the beach



Then, he built a villa for his family and purchased a boat, a Morgan Giles Monaco 38 to bring us from Cannes to Porto-Vecchio every summer.

His father's boat was sunk by the ennemy during WW II in La Ciotat. Her name was Floculat, so this one became Floculat II.


Auguste Lumière's Floculat leaving the La Ciotat Marina in 1909



my grand-father Henri Lumière in the Floculat II circa 1969



Unfortunately, my grand-father became ill and died in 1971, aged 74. Early, he realized he could not pilot his ship anymore, so he sold her in 1970, as he was the only member of the family to be allowed to drive her.




* * * * * * *

Saving ship Floculat II

chapter 2 - The discovery



In 2019, I decided to prepare my licence to be allowed to drive boats in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and opened a blog: (in French).


I decided to include in my blog a picture of "our" boat but had none where she was visible in a whole, so I asked Google to find a pix of a Monaco 38 for me.


What a surprise when I found this page on Facebook:


TLC = Tender Loving Care, i.e. To Be Restored



The words "Monaco 38" and "Floculat II" (our boat!) in the same sentence...




So, I got in touch with the owner of the Facebook page, who told me he had a list of all Monaco manufactured by Morgan Giles. He sent me this document:




What a surprise! The 770, the Floculat II, she was our boat !




He told me that:

  • The boat was on sale on Le Bon Coin in March 2019 for 2500€ (announce removed since, so no owner identified).

  • Someone came to see her but didn't buy her.

  • The boat is still for sale afahk, but he doesn't know her owner's identity.

So, I downloaded all pix and started my investigation.



* * * * * * *

Saving ship Floculat II

chapter 3 - Like Howard Carter...



Why "Like Howard Carter"? because, on the 4th of November 1922, after many many years of investigations, the famous egyptologist discovered the tomb of pharaon Toukankhamon, 3240 years after his burial.


the Toutankhamon tomb opening by Howard Carter


What were the clues I had in hand?

  • the name of the boat, Floculat II, but pix showed that her name is now Le Salangane Mandy:


  • her berth location: "Near Montpellier".

  • her registration number: TL 144699.

  • a (nearly) brand new Marina:


the Salangane (middle) but where?

  • and... a sticker!




I located the boat! She was in Port Ariane in Lattes (Marina of Montpellier).

Then, with the help of Google Maps and a careful study of the pictures, I finally found the boat between a black and a green tent. Here she is:




* * * * * * *

Saving ship Floculat II

chapter 4 - Found, but in what state?



I jumped in my car, drove to Lattes, and here is what I found (caution, some images may offend sensibilities):




































Some work, then...


(to be continued)